Marriages 2019

The Church wants all faithful Catholics to have the benefit of a church marriage, rather than a merely secular or humanist wedding. This is so that God’s grace may flow into their lives, to help them face the troubles of life.   Our parish churches are available to parishioners for their marriage. Those who have previously undergone secular or civil ceremonies may also come to church to have their previous ceremony validated by the church, and made sacramental — once they are free to marry.
Marriage can be celebrated most days of the year, apart from some holydays and Sundays. Church marriages do not need to be elaborate affairs: all that is needed is the bride and groom, two witnesses and the priest. Church weddings need not be expensive.
A church is booked by the completion of a booking form in which the couple state that they are free to marry (forms available from the honorary parish secretary at The couple also have to arrange a priest to celebrate their wedding Mass.
To be assured that those seeking to marry in church are free to marry and mature enough for the sacrament, each person undergoes two interviews with their local priest (the priest in the parish where they live) as well as completing the pre-marriage course.  The priest decides what paperwork is to be completed. Three months notice is required by the local priest as well as the State.
Those whose names are in the parish database can be assured that the church will be available to their families free of charge; an offering to cover cost of heat and light etc may be sought in other cases. The priest charges no fee in either case, unlike the secular presiders, but most couples give him an offering.


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