Baptism schedule 2019 

Since the parish gained an excellent Baptism Team, baptisms are celebrated at regular times, to ensure team members can visit each family ahead of the ceremonies. Those wishing to have their child baptised are asked to contact our Honorary Parish Secretary at least two weeks ahead of the proposed date of baptism (email or write to Rosemarie Duggan, Scrahane, Enniskeane). She will send on the Baptism Form (for completion ahead of the ceremony) and will notify the Baptism Team.

Couples celebrating baptism are asked to choose appropriate god-parents for their children. Sponsors (a man and a woman) should be mature people, strong in faith, who will take on the task of raising the child as a Catholic, if anything happens to both parents.  Godparents should attend the ceremony along with the parents and families.

The ceremony may take place during any Sunday Mass (8pm Saturday, 9.15 am or 10.30 am Sunday). Ceremonies may also take place on the second Saturday of most months, with the first family making a booking choosing the church of baptism for those who subsequently book. Ceremonies in 2019 can take place on 9 February, 9 March, 13 April, 8 June etc. (none on 11 May) — or at any Sunday Mass, any weekend.


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